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Real or fake fighting?


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Real or fake fighting?    Here is a recent acquisition a Ishido
school sword with a sheetz-pot full of kirikomi kizu.    Looking at this
nihonto objectively was it wielded in massive battle(s) or did the grandkid
practice with it?
There are 12 chips and cuts to the sword.  Many are deep. 
  The hypothetical scenario that this damaged was caused by fun and games
well, that is a lot of swinging by the 13 year old and since many are edge
imprints of another sword very dangerous for the teens who were swinging.
I can see one or two blows but this many?
  This would have happened after the blade was polished by a pro and had
tsukimaki and all the rest completed.  That is hard to contemplate also.
Question to you all is:  How many kirikomi have you seen on a Warring
States era blade ?







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A polisher should remove any but the deepest chip. kirikomi are often left alone. Hard to tell from your photos but these cuts look new - I think this happened after the polish so I am calling Shenanigans!


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