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Generals Tassels

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I have 3 Generals Tassels for sale.  All in excellent condition.  1, Standard pattern.  1 special pattern and 1 early (long) pattern  Unfortunately I haven't been able to upload no.3 However, feel free to message me for additional photos.

US$2500each or US$6500 for all three.



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I can remember not so long ago, general Tassels were USD3000 plus! I think I paid something like that for mine. 

All I can think is that with reproductions coming onto the market, collectors, especially new collectors are a bit "gun shy" when it comes to putting down the cash.

These ones of David are certainly genuine, and I recon that a Gunto collector would do well to have a sword with a tassel like these for display. 

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Congratulations David and congratulations to the new owners. They got a Great Deal. Since my first sword I always wanted to own a Generals Tassel but was always a day late or a dollar short. This time it was the dollar short. They were all beautiful and a Very Great Deal


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