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Katana kaji in Okinawa?

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Was curious as to if there were ever anysmiths in Okinawa. Was there even a need for them there? Prior to WWII I never read of any great samurai battles there. My mind wanders to odd places sometimes.

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I think there is only one that went there recently from somewhere that starts with an S. (With Chika in his signature but forgot what else :laughing:)In the past I think it was too hard to get the Tamahaghane there also I think it was too far away from the battlefields. 

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25 minutes ago, ckaiserca said:

Everyone knows that's where Hattori Hanzō lives ;-)

Kill Bill 2 was on tv not two days ago here! Didn't he operate out of a sushi bar or something like that in the movie? (I happened to miss the first half).

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