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Hi. My name is Frank and I just joined. I found out about this message board after searching for info on a certain polisher that I am having trouble getting back some of my swords, but that will be another post. I have been collecting Japanese swords for four years now. Most of the swords that I have aquired have come from family members and friends of the family that have been collecting military items for many years. I am fascinated by the Japanese sword and want to learn as much as I can about them. I have purchased many great books on the subject and read them when ever I get a chance. Studying blades and trying to figure which period they are from and which school made them is fun, but I am not very good at the latter. Trying to translate the signatures is also a challenge for me, but is rewarding when I can do it. I know I have much to learn on the subject. This site is great. I know I will learn a great deal from you all. I look forward to talking to all of the members.


Frank R

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Greetings fellow members:


My name is Daniel Calderaro, and as the title says I live in Ohio. I am a Southern California native born and raised. I have been studying/ practicing Martial Arts since I was four (now 40). Naturally along with attaining rank in three different systems my life has been heavily impacted by both Samurai and Ninja history/ lore.


Also throughout my life I have been a "collector" of one thing or another, all of which I still do today. I have recently decided it was time to add some authentic Samurai pieces to my collection of historic artifacts.


I look forward to interacting with fellow members, learning, and eventually assisting others as well. Thank you all in advance, and have a safe New Year!



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Hi All,


Happy New Year!


Although I've been a member for 3 1/2 years, I didn't even realize this thread existed - perhaps because it's only relatively recently that I've been visiting the forum on a consistent basis.


Like most, Japan, martial arts and the legendary samurai have been a lifelong fascination and it was about 6 years ago that I started my collection of kabuto, menpo and maedate and I've been fortunate to acquire some fine and rare pieces in that time. I also have an interest in nihonto, but I have yet to acquire anything only because I don't intend to collect nihonto in quantity (famous last words!) and only hope to acquire one or two really good examples once I've gained enough knowledge to understand and appreciate what I'm buying.


I also collect jizai okimono, contemporary art, artist's books and a few other things here and there.


I've been fortunate to make the acquaintance (though only through emails to this point) with other venerable NMB members like Luc T, Jo A, Ian B, Barry H (who I just saw on Saturday at our local JSS meeting here in Toronto) and one or two others.


I appreciate the presence of this forum and hope to contribute when I can.



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Il keep the intro brief, ive been interested in samurai swords since i was 9, im now 41. My older cousin owned a reproduction which i thought was great so i persuaded my folks to buy me one for xmas. Funnily enough i still own it, sentimental i suppose.Im glad to say ive owned a few authentic swords since then. Im always on the lookout to learn something new.


Regards, Alex

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Good evening everyone :D


I am a civil engineer from New Zealand. I have a passion for martial arts and the mystique of the samurai! Through making the decision to purchase an old samurai sword I made my way here. And glad I have!


Just through taking the last day to look through threads and having a bit of a read up I'm amazed at the depth of knowledge displayed though all the members of this board 8)


So yes, as far as Japanese swords go I am as newbie as it gets, please be kind lol


Kindest regards to all



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Hello all. I am Roman Urban from Czech Republic. I am mainly interested in tosogu and related themes.

My passion is tosogu making. I am very influenced by Patrick Hastings and Ford Hallam. Two of the world best tosogu makers. Thanks to them I am on this way.


My shedule for this year:

Spend some time in foreign countries in order to learn more of this workmanship.

Become a professional and produce high quality sword fittings for living.

Survive and continue :-)

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My name is Ricky, and I am extremely happy to have been turned on to this forum. I have always felt an admiration towards Samurai swords since childhood. It was not until military service brought me to Japan that I began to realize the dedication and craftsmanship that go into what that country's skilled masters produce and produced.


I am 29 years old now and I have acquired my first sword, WWII era Shin Gunto Koshirae, with a blade signed Fujiwara Kunishige (pending authentication). I sought to purchase a Gunto due to their affordability and iconic look, as I feel owning a real Nihonto at this stage in my life is a bit of a stretch.

After receiving this Gunto, my wife noticed that it has the Mon of the Naito family on the Kashira, leading me to believe that I could actually track down the family of the fallen officer in order to return what I believe to be a family heirloom. Not as easy as I thought AT ALL! Plus I don't even know if they would want it back. but It I found it extremely difficult to find the right statistics concerning fallen servicemen of the Imperial military.


So, since giving up on that, it has been my mission as of late to show respect to the Japanese edged weapon by learning what I can about them, but I don't feel right using proper terminology, as I feel I should not do so until I actually understand what I am talking about.


I reside in California, but I am originally from Philadelphia Pa. My wife is from Kawasaki Japan, and my daughter was made in Yokohama!


My wife feels it is my duty to preserve the dignity of this sword, and I agree with her.


I am hoping to make some friends here and share some thoughts and facts with one and other.


Thats a little about myself, I am interested in learning about all of you seasoned experts and enthusiasts.


thanks for reading



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Hi everyone thanks for having me. My name is Herman, I'm 35 and live I Sydney Australia. I've been interested and buying nihonto poorly for eight years or so. I like the idea of owning a piece of history made by craftsman rather than an artist. I've been to 2 NTHK shinsa's in Sydney and mainly gotten a ream of pink paper for my eBay purchases :bang: :crazy: except my pride and joy a big beautiful monster(kissaki alone is 11.5 cm long and the cutting edge nearly 77cm) shinShinto katana by Ashu Sukeyoshi it already had a kantiesho for the blade and I thought I might submit the koshirae, kantiesho koshirae!

Any way that's the highlight of my nihonto collecting so far. I'll try and download and upload some pics. Thinking of throwing it in as my fiancee has a 13 year old boy(constantly inviting friends over....) and I need to invest some cash in the family business sharp swords are first on the list of expensive, dangerous luxuries?!


Ps: je parles et lis francais mes je l'ecrits tres mal!?

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Hi everybody!

My name is Michael and, of course, I'm fascinated by nihonto! I like the Japanese culture and history and especially all sorts of samurai edged weapons. While training ninjutsu I'm practising with the katana, naginata, yari etc. and decided to get a "real" blade. Started with two WWII guntos I am now on the search for my first signed shinto. I have a lot of work in front of me, learning more about all aspects of collecting nihonto, but I think, I'm right here!

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