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Hi folks,


My name is Eric and I live near Edinburgh in Scotland. I have a small collection of swords of various types from 19th century British Naval and military to a modern, hand forged blade made in Skye, to my commission, in 2005. However my most prized blade is a gendaito by Amada Sadayoshi, forged in November 1936, just months before his very early death at the age of just 36. I first held the sword in 1976, when I was just 9 years old, in my Grandfather's loft. I was able to examin it for just a few moments, but it made a lasting impression on me, such that when, 33 years later, I was having a conversation with my Grandfather (he's still going strong) I was able to recal it in great detail. So much so, that, on my next visit, he gave it to me. So, for a third time it has become a family treasure.

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Dear Eric,

What a wonderful story, ... re: your Grandfather. May he continue his life in good health. Now that I am a Grandfather, ... I look forward to passing if not all of my collection ( fairly large ) on to my Grandson at least the better pieces. He is only 10, but is showing promise of becoming a connoisseur. Welcome to the forum :) !

... Ron Watson

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Hi All


I have just joined the forum as after collecting edged weapons for most of my life I have finally allowed myself to get into the Japanese side of the hobby at a serious level as of last week.


I already had a Paul Chen piece but I gave it to someone I was close to and also collected edged weapons but have now replaced it with something more fitting for my collection.


After spending the last week reading these forums and a few others, i think i have found a wonderful place to help me with my research and learning (here).


thanks, let me know if you have any questions



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Hi Steve,


We are glad to have you here. NMB is a fun & educational place to browse and decompress. Lots of topics ranging from off-the-wall humor to serious nihonto & fittings discussions take place. We have our moments and skirmishes (or total war in some instances), but that's the charm. To be honest, everybody on this board must be nuts to some degree to be in this hobby (me included). With thick skin and an open mind, you will love us.




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Dear Gentlemen,


My name is Kunitaro, Japanese, living in The Netherlands.

my favorite is Old Tanto, i was obsessed with studying them and obsessed trying NBTHK shinsa to confirm my study.

in the past, i discovered 2 mumei tantos (attributed Sekishu-Naotsuna and Kashu-Sanekage), 1 shumei Hirazukuri-wakizashi (Mihara-Masaie 1st), 1 osuriage mumei Katana (attributed Yoshioka-Ichimonji) and 1 Signed Tanto Sa, passed Juyo-Shinsa.

i think that the shape (sugata) of the sword from Heian, Kamakura period is something above human been can achieve.


now,i am interested in studying Shinshinto sword. They are completely different object, however, we can enjoy its perfection and there is a lot of evidence with history which still we can find.


i also enjoy studying Iron Sukashi Tsuba. i think that the Study of Iron Sukashi Tsuba is less than sword(blade) study.

we still can find old katana tsuba in group of late wakizashi tsubas.


i am looking forward to meet many sword lover from all over the world to share the Samurai spirits.


Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.

Best regards


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Hello all,


My name is Brian Ayres. I am a plumber in Portland Oregon USA. I apologize for posting before a proper introduction. :oops:


I am a new knifemaker/bladesmith. I have been learning the art of knifemaking for just over two years. I started off forging, and that's what I prefer, but have done a few stock removal blades lately.

My last project is what brought me here. It is a "tantoish" knife with a 10.5" blade. I was making the ironwood scabbard and needed to rework the front copper fitting into a tsuba to work properly with the "saya" I was making.

Ohhhhh what a slippery slope the world of Nihonto is. I have 100+ hours of research on Nihonto and Tosogu now just to make one little ol tsuba, and I imagine there's many thousands more to come. :D


After 40 years of life I finally knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. A bladesmith! :D But now I see that it's going to be Nihonto and Tosogu that hold my heart. I hope to honor the great artists of the past and present with the work I do.


As an aspiring artist, I am fascinated with the art of the sword. I have mostly been buying books and reading. Reading a LOT! I honestly have read every single post of all 34 pages of the Tosogu section...Half of the Nihonto, and much ,much more. I am humbled by the amazing knowledge of the members here. Thank you guys for sharing! :D


My best regards,


Brian Ayres

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Hello Everyone,


I would like to introduce myself, name is Vinny from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is a fantastic forum and i'm really happy of having such a wonderful place to share thoughts, information, curiosities and experiences about Nihonto. This is a tremendous opportunity to keep learning more and more about Nihonto and hope to be able to cooperate and aggregate value to this forum.


Currently I'm working on a USD 100k budget for kick of a serious collection and would deeply appreciate hearing from you guys about top layer opportunities for this.


Thanks and cheers



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Hello all. I have made several posts here over the last month but have not officially introduced myself. My name is Paul Rothlisberger and I live in Lakeland, Fl. I just turned 30 and am getting seriously consumed with the study of Nihonto. I have read alot of the "beginner" books that I have seen posted here on this forum.


I am happy to announce that I am eagerly awaiting my first sword to be delivered from Japan. I placed the order 2 weeks ago so maybe another 2 to go to arrive at my doorstep. It was very hard in deciding what to purchase with my low budget for my first sword. I had the typical newbie wants, such as long katana, great polish, really old, and mounted in traditional samurai mounts. It took me some time to realize that my budget just wouldn't allow for all of this to be achieved. I realized the best sword for me to look for will be something in good polish, papered if possible, and accept that shirasaya will be the way to go if I wanted to stick with a katana.


I was able to purchase a Shinto era katana in shirasaya in good polish that has NBTHk papers. It is a mei of Kanemoto, so it is a later generation Kanemoto and 65.3cm in length. No flaws with the blade except for a kirikomi near the end, which it is my understanding that this is not really considered a true flaw. I also like the aspect of having this type of "flaw". I will happily post pictures once it arrives.


Thanks for the input so far with the great members of this board. "paulb" helped me tremendously with lengthy email conversations about what I should be looking for in a good first study piece.


Good to meet you all.

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Hello Everyone.


My name is Doc.

I've always had a fascination with Japan and the Japanese Sword since I was a kid.

Hoping to learn as much as possible from all of you good people. It is my dream to one day own some QUALITY Japanese Steel and pass it on to my son/daughter one day, as we have no family tradition or heirlooms to pass down.


So now it's time to start one!


Hoping you all can point me in the right direction, and school me properly!


Thank you in advance!


-Doc in south Florida

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