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New Member Introductions

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Welcome to the forum Henrik.

As you know, we deal exclusively with genuine Nihonto and study such. However I have moved your post here as a general personal introduction, and I hope we can be of assistance with your studies and enjoyment of Nihonto.




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A very good day, gentlemen!


As an active knife and traditional tool smith I have some experience with steel and it's properties. Japanese arms present some of the most advanced forging techniques we can find in steel, and this fact brought me to the subject some forty years ago. Nevertheless I still feel like a beginner because of the vast field Japaneses arts and crafts represent. Although other cultures also developped high skills in this field, I am especially fascinated by traditional Japanese forging.


Quite a while ago I found the NMB forums and I was delighted to find so many important informations and highly knowledgeable members. I hope I can contribute with my experience from time to time, but I will be here mostly to study and learn, especially in the field of TSUBA.


Best regards,


Jean Collin

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Hi Everyone,


Been fascinated with the Japanese sword for a long time. Nevertheless, never had much contact with them due to the strict laws in Singapore and a small collector base. Being able to spot a well made sword still eludes me. Therefore, thought I would join this forum to learn more because I would very much like to own one of these finely crafted objects in due time...


I am lucky work brings me to Japan a few times a year. I get to sneak to sword/armour shops or the museum once in a while. Can't wait for my next trip!!




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Aloha Everyone,


Been lurking here a bit, but finally got signed up.


I'm coming into the world of Nihonto through a pretty neat experience where my family and I visited Seki-Gifu Japan last month and met 25th Gen Kanefusa-san and was able to visit his workshop and see him and his son in action. After such an amazing day, we decided to purchase a newly-made tanto from him and currently we are waiting for it to be completed (saya, etc). I should have it in May sometime. I've got some photos and videos from that day and I'm happy to post them.


Basically I'm here to learn: to learn about the history, the cultural aspects and also the care of the new tanto once it arrives. I live on Kauai and here in Hawaii we have a Japanese Sword Society (and I see Ken is on this forum!); although they are located on Oahu, hopefully I can still meet up with them from time to time.


Many thanks to Brian for creating this resource!


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Hi to everyone, may I say hello and introduce myself.

My name is Denis, and I live in Wales in the UK, I am a member of the TO-KEN Society of Great Britain.

I am a collector of Japanese art swords and their fittings.

Now this all sounds very grand, but let me say straight off. I have seen the posts and answers on this site, the quality and knowledge displayed here is beyond me.

But isn’t this what the forum is all about? So that said I hope to continue to enjoy, as I have already done, the content of such a valuable reference resource as this.



Ps. I will post a couple of enquiries very soon

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Denis, As a fellow country man from further north, welcome to the Board. Do try and get to the next Birmingham Arms Fair where members of the Northern ToKen Society, and hopefully myself, will welcome you personally.

Ian Bottomley

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hello everybody, my name is Luc Taelman, I live in Belgium and I collect Japanese armor for +-20 years. Special interest for kabuto and menpo. I published a book on Saotome Kabuto 'Helmets of the Saotome school' (http://www.saotomebook.com) with my friend Jo Anseeuw and sensei Teruo Orikasa in 2010. We also made an English translation of Orikasa's 'studies on arms and armor'. New projects are in the pipeline. After 20 years of collecting Japanese armor, I should like it to have more contact with Brittish collectors (if they exist after all :) ).... maybe this forum can help me to come in touch with them.

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Hello Everyone.... :)

I'm Alton K.

I Just got approved to join the NMB Forums.. Thank you...

I also joined the other popular Sword Forums that are on-line..

This is a new venture for me..

I always loved Katanas, and, the history, passion and feeling of " Pride in Ownership "..


Thanks for viewing....

Alton :D


Thanks for moving me over to this "New Members" side.. :D

At 1st, I posted this in the wrong section..

I was feeling bad to have posted this in the "General Discussion" side. :shock:


Thanks Curran... :)

Cool of you to post your welcome... :)

I did see Bob's home Page.. I'd like to meet him someday..He got a lot of Historical Items..

Good to know there is a Katana Polisher here in Hawaii..

I'd like to meet more Katana enthusiast that live in Hawaii..


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Hello all, I have been on the fringes of the site for a while but recently have become more active. My name is Matt Lapoint im just north of Detroit. I have studied various forms of budo over the last 20yrs. Mainly Hsing-I and Shaolin five animal, but i have studied some sword arts and have been collecting only for about 3-5yrs...


If anyone else is in my area please hit me up!



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