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Translation help on gendai sword

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While looking for further examples & information on this smith the same sword in this thread is now on ebay but with completely different Gunto mounts. This should be clarified in the listing, prospective buyers would appreciate being aware the special Gunto mounts aren't original to this sword, and the original traditional mounts aren't included either.






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I asked about this blade a while ago and I remember Matthew Brice telling me something along the lines of the "traditional mounts" were put on by the previous owner (and didn't fit perfectly) in an attempt to keep the gunto mounts.  The previous seller agreed during negotiation to sell it with the gunto mounts which were the actual "original" mounts...?  Something along these lines.  

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Yep.  When the sword was delivered to me, the Samurai mounts in the original photos turned out to not fit the sword--at all.  A tsuka from some other sword was slid onto the nakago--the hole in the tsuka wasn't in the right spot, and wasn't even close.  The saya wasn't right either.  I contacted the seller to ask what was up with the mounts, and he told me he had wanted to keep the original gunto mounts, because they were so unusual.  I told him, of course, that I needed the original gunto mounts so negotiated an additional price for them.  Glad to have the original koshirae and sword back together.  What a beauty.  








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This sword is available again.  The sword sold while I was on vacation for 2 weeks.  The buyer knew I was gone for 2 weeks--no problem it seemed.  My return flight was cancelled--I got home 24 hours later than planned.  And as a result I was...dog tired.  Short on sleep--so Wednesday I was beat, and wasn't able to get enough shipping done.  28 items sold while I was gone (28 items is 2 days of shipping anyway).  I kept him informed of the delay in shipping along the way.  The buyer of this sword was the only person with no patience among all the buyers, and with no understanding that we are all still human.  He cancelled his purchase on me.  Even after I tried to preserve the sale by offering him a free Company Grade tassel for the sword.  And in case the 'buyer' is prowling this site, I made a mistake because I was gone on vacation--highly distracted of course with family time.  I missed that he had actually paid the extra for FedEx shipping (I offer free USPS Priority shipping).  Because I hadn't noticed he paid the FedEx shipping after all, that was the 'last straw' apparently for an impatient person.  What a guy.  And 'guy', no need to launch a slanderous attack at me here, I have not named you here so your reputation among others is untarnished.  




On the upside, and back to positive thoughts :), this sword is available again.  It's a beauty!  Here is the listing...picture it in your mind with a high condition Company Grade Officer's tassel now, on me!




Kind regards,





--Matthew Brice



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