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Sakai Teppo (Matchlock) Long Gun


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An excellent condition signed Sakai long gun. No corrosion on the flash pan and the bore looks excellent. Lock mechanism and trigger assembly work perfectly, with no issues.


摂州住松本宇兵衛作 – Sesshu ju Matsumoto Uhe’e saku

真鉄二重巻張 – Magane niju makibari

文政十二丑四月 – Bunsei 12 Ushi 4th month (Bunsei is 1818. 12th year is 1829) Tsuchinoto Ushi is the 26th year of the 60 year cycle beginning in 1804.


I have not taken official measurements yet, but will post here soon. it is 2" (5cm) longer than my Kunitomo.


Asking $2500. Shipping included in the USA. I accept Paypal and Venmo as friends and family.












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Price drop $2000 or best reasonable offer.

I 100% feel that this teppo is ready to fire. Lock mechanism is 100% functionable and bore is in good shape. Flash pan is not rusted, pitted, or corroded. A .460" ball with a .010-.015" patch and  35-40 grains of powder would bring this to life. I will also include match material for display/use.

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