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Replica Suit of Armor Made in Japan


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Listing for sale a full sized (wearable) replica suit of armor. This armor was made by a college student at Kyoto college to wear during the Takeda Shingen Festival in 2012. The Shingen-kō Festival (信玄公祭り, Shingen-ko Matsuri) is a Japanese festival (matsuri) which is held annually to celebrate the legacy of daimyo Takeda Shingen in Kofu, the capital city of Yamanashi Prefecture. It is the "largest gathering of samurai" in the world. 

This is a three-day festival that starts on the first or second weekend of April. Takeda's death anniversary is on April 12. There's a reenactment of Takeda Shingen's Koshu Battalion Deployment. People dress in traditional and samurai costumes of the Sengoku Period. An actor plays Takeda Shingen and he is surrounded by his Twenty-Four Generals. After the Shingen-ko Tea Ceremony, Takeda leads his army through the streets of Kōfu. They march from the plaza in front of Kosu station through the streets of Kofu to Maizuru Castle Park which contains the ruins of Kōfu Castle. On the third day they reach the Takeda Shrine (武田神社, Takeda Jinja). A Shinto ritual is held on the anniversary of Takeda Shingen's death.

There are multiple parades going to and from these locations. These parades are very theatrical involving serious reenactments who practice the rest of the year for this one weekend in April. The parades reflect the different comings and goings of Takeda Shingen during his life.

This is one of the largest historical re-enactments in Japan. In 2012 the festival was included in the Guiness Book of World Records as the "largest gathering of samurai" in the world with 1061 participants. The role of daimyo Takada Shingen is usually played by a Japanese celebrity.[2] The 24 generals have extra detailed armor. Seeing so many people in traditional costumes and more than 1000 samurai gives an impression of what the Sengoku Period was like (1467 – 1600 CE).

This armor was worn one time for the festival in 2012, then packed away in a closet, never to be worn again. The armor plates are a stiff but flexible type of black faux leather. All the lacing is done with Japanese ito, and woven the correct way. The kote (sleeves) were made from old kimono material, with the correct lacing to tie across the body and under the arms. The kabuto has real Japanese deer antlers and has the Shingen kamon for the maedate. I crafted a stand for it to be displayed as it is standing up. There are arms arms attached to the wood stand that are bamboo. Stand will be included for free if picked-up but, it may be too expensive to send. I estimate the shipping to be about $75.00 in the USA. I am located in Charleston, SC. If you are in the nearby areas, I invite you to stop by, try it on and load it up if you are happy with it. Asking $650.00 plus shipping, so I estimate $725 total, if shipped. Can work out shipping with interested buyer. I can accept Paypal or Venmo as friends and family.


I will be listing other items for sale soon. Please check out those items as well.



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