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Unboxing Unseen Sword


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I noticed a while back someone posted an "Unboxing" of a as yet unseen sword which had just arrived in the mail. I thought this was kind of a fun idea, so I decided do an (unboxing) as I had a sword which was going to arrive that I also had not seen. If I recall correctly, the individual previously had rather unfortunate results...


It's definitely a roll of the dice purchasing a sword online,192339163_2022-02-0713_38_51.thumb.jpg.4217fcd734f45dc953574b0132a9cf90.jpg205132994_2022-02-0713_45_18.thumb.jpg.9554729920fe027fd115539929803133.jpg1657547989_2022-02-0715_31_24.thumb.jpg.7132bd3a16e47ee0a6c7e05e61db7958.jpg1811253758_2022-02-0715_31_34.thumb.jpg.f47bfc50a1a6f5b87e50605c87340d63.jpg623598201_2022-02-0715_31_51.thumb.jpg.ccbcc828b2b14c2ff79ada30e7cd9eea.jpg1578124023_2022-02-0715_43_17.thumb.jpg.0afdb96627a69ad3bfc4bbb95cd149c4.jpg and until you have the sword in hand you really can't be sure of what you have.


Well, it arrived today so lets take a look. I knew it was at least Rinji Seishiki.  Ok...not a Star Stamped Rinji, but a decent Katsu Masa, 1944 with Gifu stamp.

Wasn't overly expensive, I'm happy with It.


Dave M.


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Thank you for the additional information Bruce. I had a Rinji Seishiki in my collection a few years ago which also had a gifu stamp. The blade was dated 1945. I sold it for a reason I fail to recall, and have suffered from a mild case of sellers remorse ever since. My collection just didn't seem right with out at least one Rinji Seishiki.


A few weeks ago I noticed what appeared to be a very nice Rinji Seishiki in a display case in a military store online. I managed  to contact the owner and inquired if the sword was available for sale, by the appearance of the koshirae it had the potential of being a higher grade sword. The owner informed me the items in display cases were not for sale. However, he did have three other Rinji Seishiki's that were available.


The other three all had tags, two tags indicated the nakago's were not signed, one was. I asked the owner which sword he would prefer and he mention all three were fairly nice, but liked the signed one best. He mentioned he had never removed the tsuka and was only going by what he had been told, I know now why he hadn't checked the signature. When the sword arrived, it took me over an hour to carefully remove one of the mekugi.


I was very happy upon removing the tsuka it did indeed have date, signature, and the bonus of a gifu stamp. You guys basically saw it at the same time I did.


Appreciate the likes...


Dave M.1323210782_2022-02-0715_31_38.thumb.jpg.f76cfc7692fcf1075558259bc2ff4c48.jpg

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22 minutes ago, Lareon said:

I was happy with my first unboxing, was simply a showa sword and the second one well...i got a refund on that :D


I recall now it was you Lareon, and thought it was interesting idea sharing an "unboxing" with members. Glad to hear you received a refund on the second one.


Best regards,


Dave M.

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