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I have been wondering about that too.  I assumed there was a built-in delay to allow for edits (somebody I know tends to re-read his posts and have to edit them 2 or 3 times!  I won't mention his name, but his initials are BP).


Interested in hearing from Brian on it though.

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You guys are on different subjects.
No, I am not aware of any current issues. Load times will always vary depending on global internet conditions. Since nothing changes on the server, it can only be temporary issues that are beyond control.
As for email notifications, suggest going through the vast selections in your profile, and re-check them and activate again. I don't use them ever. But then I login every day so see any posts or pm's soon enough.
I think the server currently sends out over 10,000 emails a day. If the internet lines are dodgy or the undersea cables have issues as happens so often, that can delay outgoing emails which are sent out by the server.
As always, I'll check the log files. Currently, I am experiencing slow internet at home and work..so likely a SA issue with lines.

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