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Possible Handmade Blade in Type 98


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So this past weekend, I both four WWII swords from a gentleman who collected them 30 years ago. In that group of four is a nice looking Type 98 gunto. First thing I notice is sharkskin instead of ray skin under the ito on the tsuka. Cool feature but not a super rare thing. The blade was abused before the previous owner bought it. Looks like it has been stabbed into dirt, bails of hay, etc due to lots of light scratches. Near the habaki, I can see the original polish and make out the key details of the blade. It is a suguha hamon with a very narrow and bright nioi-guchi. As best I can tell, it has a very fine hada, but still not 100% sure on that. The nagasa is 25 1/4" (64.1 cm) width at machi is 1 1/4" (31.75mm) and width at kissaki is 3/4" (19mm). The kissaki is medium length and measures 1 1/2" (38mm) long from yokote to the tip.

The nakago is 8 1/4" (20.9 cm) long. And is mumei. There are two mekugi-ana close together and the nakago appears to be machi-okuri. The yasuri-mei is taka-no-ha like a feather with deep angles on the ura. The omote is the same but upon closer inspection it is higaki (checkered) from the shinogi line to the ha.

Looking for thoughts, ideas, input, conversation. Is it shin-shinto, Meiji, gendaito, Showato?

And thanks in advance! 



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12 minutes ago, lonely panet said:

Mumei seki-to


But i would say it looks water quenched.


Any hada??

Due to the condition of the polish, it is difficult to tell. I believe some never-dull has been over the surface. I have the worthless bright white led lights in every room of the house. I would like to check it in a good old dim florescent light or early or late sunlight.

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