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ko wakisashi signed kanemichi.


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I allow myself to add other photos through the response as well as a preview of kantei, hoping for your approval.
have a good day.


Koshizori: curvature located ds. The first third of the blade from the mune-machi.
mihaba (身 幅), width of the blade from mune to cutting edge: 28.8mm.
sakihaba (先 幅), width of the blade measured with the yokoté: 22.2mm.
saki-kasane 先 重 ね, yokoté thickness: 4.2mm.
moto-haba 身 幅, width between cutting edge and mune: 28.8mm.
moto-kasane 元 重 ね, mune thickness: 6.2mm.
original funbari (踏 張 り). Wide blade that tapers noticeably but evenly towards the tip has no funbari.
kissaki: chu-kissaki.
Fukura: rounded fukura.
Shinogi: longitudinal stop on the blade. Low shinogi, typical for Bizen and Soshu blades.
shinogi-ji: surface of the blade between the shinogi and the mune.
low shinogi.
The blacksmiths Sôshû and Yamashiro have thickness of the mune: a narrow shinogi-ji.
 mune, 棟: iori mune.
Hada: itame-hada (板 目 肌).
Hamon: yahazu (矢 筈).










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Dear Rodriguez.


Commenting on all of your posts about this sword, first of all a ko wakizashi would typically have a nagasa of just over 30cms, as Jean pointed out in one of your threads we don't have a nagasa but it certainy seems well over 30 cms so just a wakizashi in this case.   At first glance the tsuba appears to be shakudo and the fittings are pleasant and I would suggest mid range.  Nice habaki, Bruce will want a photograph of that for sure.


You do not suggest that the nakago is machi okuri so we assume ubu but the nakago is quite long.  The low shinogi is a point but many swords would follow this form.  Lastly there are quite a few smiths signing this way, both Koto and Shinto so pinning down the time frame would help but in order to get to the specifc smith you are probably going to have a struggle.


All the best.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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