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Tsuba for ID and comments


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Asking for a friend. Tsuba was found with metal detector in WWI Russian positions near Bryansk. Non-magnetic, IMHO shibuich with shakudo peons. Size 82x77x4mm weight 195 grams






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I saw lots of tsubas with peony, but this one the first with peony on windy day. I really like it. You almost can how they moving under the wind. 

Bth, what do you think - does this tsuba needs to be papered? I see a good reason to paper the sword, but not sure about tosogu

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I'd spend the money on the best restoration possible instead of papers.  In my opinion (for whatever that is worth...), it doesn't need papers, he's not one of the top names and the good quality of the work speaks for itself.

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As others have indicated, this is a fine piece of work. The base metal does appear to be shibuichi but as pointed out the surface has been completely altered. To return this piece to its former glory will require complete and very exacting repolishing and repatination. It's all possible and I believe the results would be spectacular. It won't be an easy or cheap job though.

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