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Not something you see every day.


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That's the most pristine example of a blackened set of fittings for a Type 98 I've seen.  Posting this on the Type 95 Black Saya thread where we have both NCO and officer examples.


Ohmura has almost identical examples on his site: http://ohmura-study.net/906.html


But you're right, you don't see this very often!

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9 hours ago, IJASWORDS said:

Found this one lurking in a cupboard, even has a real gendai blade. All matching numbers.


Out of curiosity, is the crossguard [tsuba] made of brass?  If so, how would they go about darkening it?

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Wow, That is very interesting.


I guess I learned something new again, every time I get on the board I seem to learn new interesting things about Nihonto. So does anyone have any ideas on why they would darken the fittings on these swords?

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8 hours ago, Kolekt-To said:

Were darkened fittings more of a late-war phenomenon?

Just about all examples have been in Type 98 mounts of good quality, so at least since 1938. This writing on the Tsuka is interesting: "Ginkome Nuki" - 銀古目ヌキ. It may lead to more information. 



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