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Kanzan Oshigata scrolls


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Thanks guys! I forgot to follow this thread and didn't get the notifications. 


I'll take a look at the link, but if any members have a set to sell at a better price I would love to help them out first (especially if they are closer to the USA).




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Most of the sets I remember at sword shows had higher prices than Aoi Arts.


A NY Metro club member had a set for sale a few years ago. Surprisingly interesting to study, but make sure you have a few long tables.



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Curran brings up a good point - scrolls fell out of favor because it is hard to index just what part of the scroll you want to see. A lot like a video cassette you have to rewind or forward to the section youre interested in and it is hard to compare "one page" with another or one blade with another. As noted it helps to have long tables or a nice tatami room. Of course if you have a blade that is published in these scrolls then absolutely they should be in your collection...


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Indeed Thomas, your points about the usability of the scrolls is spot on. Has anyone ever digitized them? With only 500 copies on earth I hope it happens at some point, though doing so without destroying a set of scrolls could prove challenging.


I'm more interested in the physical scrolls as an important artifact of nihonto scholarship to be preserved and shared with folks who have an interest.

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To close the loop here, I was able to acquire a beautiful set of the scrolls is fantastic condition at a great price. I’m thrilled. 


2 questions for the group:

  1. Does anyone know if anyone has translated the full commentary booklet before?
  2. Does anyone have a digital copy of the well-known translation of the index they could share? @Grey Doffin perhaps? 


Edit: I acquired a scanned copy of the index! :-)

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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