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NMB longtimer and great friend Guido Schiller suffered a serious stroke...

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Greetings sword friends,


I am reporting a sad, serious state of affairs here related to our German friend Guido Schiller.


I have just spoken with Guido's wife, Minako, and she said Guido has been in intensive care

in Germany since some time in October. The stroke has robbed him of speech and mobility.

At this point, the physicians have not indicated prognosis, other than it is going to take time.


Some friends had contacted me because their mail to Guido went unanswered and now

we know why. Please send positive cosmic energy to Guido. NMB still needs his dry and

clever wit!



Robert Hughes

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Thank you for sharing, tragic news and I wish him and his family the best outcome. I'm relatively new here and have spent a great deal of time looking through his articles and keeping an eye out for his posts. Certainly left an imprint on my early collecting.



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Brian, Hughes-san,

Thank you for the news.


Guido, " To fight with tempests anywhere, And in the grinding shipwreck stand and not despair"

Please get better soon. Later you can make fun of me quoting Goethe's Faust to you.


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