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Sunnobi-tantō by Kanefusa (SOLD)

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This is the tip (kissaki) of a large antique dagger (sunnobi-tantō) in a plain wooden scabbard (shira-saya) with a two-piece silver blade collar (habaki). Another common Japanese name for this type of large daggers is (ko-wakizashi). This sword blade dates from the late Edo Period circa 1840 CE by Kanefusa of Mino Province. Comes with a NBTHK Hozon paper and a sayagaki by Kanzan Sato. 
The regular price $3,000 USD the super sale price is $2,250 USD so no additional discounts can be offered on this large fine dagger. More photos and informaiton can be found here: Large Antique Japanese Dagger (Sunnobi-Tantō) by Kanefusa | Rain Dragon Fine Art (raindragonfineartandantiques.com). The Sunnobi-tantō by Kanefusa is now sold. 






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  • Soshin changed the title to Sunnobi-tantō by Kanefusa (SOLD)

Just received the Sunnobi- Tanto today, and it’s  GREAT, the blade is even better in hand then in the many pictures that were posted. The communication from start to finish was the best I have ever had. Shipping was fast and secure. I look forward to doing business with David in the future.   MikeR

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