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Saya length vs Blade length


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I only have a couple of Type 95 saya liners and 1 combat saya liner from a Mantetsu I can show you.  Haven't been able to any others out of the outer shells.  All 3 are close to the end of the liner. 


I do recall a couple of posts over the years where the blade was considerably shorter than the say it came with, so it did happen.





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There are examples even on here of blades markedly shorter than the saya, and various reasons given.

Boasting, could only afford or obtain a short blade, but put it in a long saya so that it looked better.

Alterations during the life of the blade, but kept it in the old saya.

Sneaky, carried a short blade in a long saya for a fast draw to surprise the opponent.

Mismatched after losing the original saya, often seen on "battlefield" pickups.

Mismatched by a dealer, I have a nice sword and a decent saya, a pity they did not come together... but hey, they fit!

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Dave, I once owned 1990 a katana length Kaigunto with a wakizashi length blade...it was a shinshinto blade.

Blade signed Kanesada (poss KAN 2059) length 54.6 cm (19.5 in). Scabbard 76 cm (30 in). All original and virtually mint/ scab same....not a cobbled together set.

I always thought that being a Navy sword the owner never expected to have to use it in combat, so just put in a shorter/lighter blade? (after all...all those ladders on a ship...damn bothersome to drag up and down a heavy katana?)

Can't explain why a short blade would be in a army field sword...your reasons sound OK.



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