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Presentation Sword Translation


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I am looking for help translating a Presentation on a sword I have.  

I suppose I might as well ask for comments on the Mei as well.  I have it as Fujiwara Kuni Tadamichi.  The gentleman who read it commented that the Fujiwara should not be before kuni, and the michi kanji is nonstandard.


Those who can help, I kindly thank you in advance! 










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2 hours ago, PNSSHOGUN said:

There was an Admiral Genjiro Katsuki: http://admiral31.world.coocan.jp/e/px21.htm#r005


The Admiral above has a different spelling 勝木源次郎


香月 could be read several different ways (Katsuki, Kagetsu, Kōzuki, etc.). First name looks like Kameo

香月亀男君   Katsuki Kameo, Kōzuki Kameo, Kagetsu Kameo, and others are possible. 


城蘓岳 = Maybe refers to Suzhou, China? (城 can also mean city, in addition to castle). 

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