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How to deal with Arbitrage Sellers on Ebay?

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Well, I've largely managed to avoid these guys for years-

but I ended up purchasing from one.


Later, I realized the item is at auction elsewhere and a fair chance it sells there.

In the vain hope that it was listed by the same person, I asked him to pull the other auction.

After several evasive responses to questions such:

                (1) do you have the item?

                (2) when can you ship it?


It has become very clear that he doesn't own the item.  He keeps asking me if I want to Cancel the Transaction?

I assume this is to avoid fees, and avoid negative feedback when he later says he doesn't have the item.


Any eBay veterans have advice?


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1 hour ago, Stephen said:

You can of course, dont expect eBay to do anything.


That is what I had read in public published answers. 'Reporting' is useless these days, unless it is something where eBay is financially the direct victim.


If anyone has better ideas than Canceling and Reporting him, I welcome the insights either in public here or in PM.

The auction ends in some time next week, and I think the shite_wit believes he can string me along until then.


Unless I become aware of other appropriate tactics, I will give it 48 hours and then just Cancel.






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I think he knew the jig was up. I woke up this morning to find he had cancelled and refunded the money.

He put in the Note that "Buyer asked to Cancel".

That is not right. In our correspondence via -ebay-, I did not.


I will try and buy the item in Japan.

After that auction ends, I will return to defenestration of him.


Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth- I will pursue him for a while and invite others to report him with me.

I will make it easy by providing any necessary links.

His listings are all pretty much lifted photos from Japan, and it is easy to image search track many of them down.


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It's alright Mr. Dangerfield.

  [aside: I wish he had lived long enough to legally light up with Snoop Dog in Rockefeller Center. Hard to believe the SNL staffers would complain about his smoking habit.]

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If defenestration (throwing him out a window) doesn't work, you can fenestrate him with a tanto (definition #2):

  1. the arrangement of windows and doors on the elevations of a building.
      the condition of being fenestrate.
      a surgical operation in which a new opening is formed, especially in the bony labyrinth of the inner ear to treat certain types of deafness.
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On 10/17/2021 at 3:09 AM, Ken-Hawaii said:

Well, Curran, I got so upset about a scammer that I went to https://pages.ebay.com/securitycenter/report_concern.html & reported the guy there. Don't know if I was the cause, but I never saw another post by the idiot.


Thank you. I appreciate the link and intend to use is soon.

I've navigated so many turdblossoms the last 6 years that usually I just save my strength for the more important stuff, but this guy was a twisting weasel the entire time. I think I have the energy to try and delete him, or hamstring him, as a side hobby.

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