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Shipping sword US (CA) to Aust

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Help please.  I am trying to get a sword sent from California to Australia, but any attempt via USPS is blocked as prohibited.    There is only a dropbox of descriptions and most are banned.

Most non PO couriers are very expensive.  Any suggestions of best approach.  There must be some way.  Thank you.


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G'day Mal,

I have had most success with DHL lately. The only downside is, it is very expensive. Items that have been sent via USPS sit around for a month or so, before being returned to sender.



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Hi Mal, USPS has halted all service to OZ since August. Currently our only options are UPS and the dreaded fedex. Both expensive and Fedex is also a nightmare to deal with here regarding swords. Unless it has papers be prepared to argue with them for a week or two and then pay unnecessary customs fees.


Bryce, I didn't know DHL accepted swords, they are expensive but back up the cost with fast and reliable service.

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It is my understanding that usps has halted priority and 1st class shipping to Australia (and Australia only, due to a lack of space on the few flights from here to there); priority express is still available. Just last week I sent a book to Oz by express post and I have had no indication that there will be any trouble other than the normal for pandemic times delay in getting the package out of the US. If I had tried to ship the book by regular priority it wouldn't have been accepted at the post office.

Cheers,  Grey

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17 minutes ago, mecox said:

Jeremy, how long ago, as this method may not currently be available.  And as a matter of interest (a) what did you describe the item as, and (b) how long was the package. 

thanks Mal

It's a bare blade shinsakuto I had a bohi carved into it. Package would be about 35 inches long I'm guessing. Labelled "nihonto" and shipped 2 days ago

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