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A FEW FITTINGS, Tsuba, Menuki, Kodzuke ... I have left to sell


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  A few fittings I have left over from my collection.

ITEM # 1 :  A set of sword Menuki of the size suitable for a Wakizashi or Tanto.
Two Cranes or probably HoHo Birds.  One in gold plate, the other in Shakado.
PRICE :   50.00 US plus shipping
ITEM # 2 :   A Kodzuke, the handle with stylized long sword and a short sword . Made of patinated copper with gold plated highlights.
PRICE :   $ 75.00 US plus shipping.
ITEM # 3 :  A CAST IRON tsuba of a HoHo Bird flying up to roost in a tree.  ( a very well cast copy with a nice patina ).   PRICE :   $ 45.00 US plus shipping.
ITEM # 4 :   A very nice Early Edo  Armourer's Tsuba in well forged iron,  the face and reverse stamped with a flower design and symbols  84mm x 81mm x 4.5mm   PRICE :   $ 125.00 US plus shipping.
ITEM # 5 :  An Iron Tsuba depicting in relief  a mountain amongst clouds,  two men crossing a bridge,  a hut.  highlighted in copper.  63mm x 52mm x 5mm.
PRICE :  $ 75.00 plus shipping.
ITEM # 6 :  A Tanto Tsuba of Iron depicting in relief a Plover ?  above a crescent
moon and tree branch.  A beautiful Tsuba.  54mm x 41mm x 4mm.
PRICE :  $  125.00 plus shipping.
ITEM # 7 :  An Iron Tsuba round with pierced work of plum blossoms.  Measures :  62mm x 4mm thick.   PRICE :  $  100.00 US plus shipping.
If interested, ... contact me :    766watson@gmail.com


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