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Nco shin gunto type 95


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I am new and have a question.....real or fake?



Well my deutsch is better than my Japanese.


I reckon it is a very genuine Type 95 early version 2.


Nice piece....I would buy it.



PS...if you dont write back Mario I will know that my answer will need to be translated for you :laughing:

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I have had a better look at the stamps on the fuchi and to me, they may not be correct.  


The first stamp is Kokura arsenal and what's unusual (or wrong?) about that is I have never seen it come first, in the line of three stamps.  Also,  it seems to be upside down (???) Interestingly, the fuchi.....(the brass ring that the stamps are on) seems to be the correct way up. 


Middle stamp could be a Nagoya Army Arsenal Inspection stamp.


Last stamp may be Kobe Shoten but I am not very familiar with this stamp.


The blade, tsuka (handle) and saya (scabbard) still seems ok to me as are the numbers on the blade and saya throat....but there is something very weird about that fuchi.....therefore better just wait until others on NMB have had a chance tk offer their opinion.




PS Welcome.










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The sword looks nice and like Rob said the Fuchi looks not realy fitting and the stamps on it are crude. Maybe the fuchi is an replacement - i don't know. But the sword looks nice and authenitc for me. Nice to see the original acid etched hamon.

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2 hours ago, Bruce Pennington said:

@Stegel oder @Shamsywirst wissen. Aber ich habe bei gunto genug menschliche Fehler gesehen, dass ich vermute, dass der Stampfer-Typ in der Nacht zuvor zu viel Sake gelitten hat! 


Mario, ist die Fuchi locker oder sitzt sie fest?

Ich habe das Schwert gekauft. Allerdings werde ich noch 4 Wochen warten müssen bis es da ist. Dann kann ich weitere Bilder einstellen. 


Vor 4 Stunden sagte Mario:


Ich bin neu und habe eine Frage. 

Echt oder Fälschung??????Screenshot_20211009-100923_eBay.thumb.jpg.9686b9afff28ae81186cba1c818d38b3.jpg








Bitte helfen 

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1 hour ago, Mario said:

Ich habe noch eins im Netz gefunden das falsch gestempelt ist. 

Soll original sein. 


Have you heard of online translators?  Here's one I like: https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=dutch+to+english&atb=v275-1&ia=web


I am posting on a Russian sword forum, and I use it a lot.  I don't expect the Russians to read my English, I translate first.

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The stamps are correct and also in the correct order.

Rob nearly got it right, but as BangBang has shown, the fuchi cannot be reassembled upside down.

If you look carefully, the whole 'SET' of stamps is upside down.

Bruce is right, it looks like human error to me too.


A picture is worth a thousand words so i got a chance to play with some software and made this up.

ICHI LOGO Mario.jpg

NMB Copper.jpg

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12 hours ago, Bruce Pennington said:


Haben Sie schon von Online-Übersetzern gehört? Hier ist eine, die mir gefällt: https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=dutch+to+english&atb=v275-1&ia=web


Ich poste in einem russischen Schwertforum und benutze es oft. Ich erwarte nicht, dass die Russen mein Englisch lesen, ich übersetze zuerst.

Ok sorry I will always translate it from now on

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