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Recently come across this online and thought you guys here might like it.

It's an advertisement from an old 1934 travel magazine, obviously aimed at the well off tourists of the time.

I don't know the exact value in today's terms but i think it would be quite a few years wages for me!

Lots of ads for Japanese companies, some with logo's that might interest a few.

Hope you guys enjoy it.


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Here's one from the Osaka Iron Works, a ship building company. ( O. I .W)

Couldn't help but notice how similar to the SMR logo it is.

Hope no smiths made swords here during their lunch breaks and that we may have miss identified it as a manchurian piece! :laughing:


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6 hours ago, robinalexander said:

Hi Neil, always going to be out of my price range but maybe you could post a couple of pics on the 'Show us your high class gunto' thread?





He already did here: 

I had found a PDF on the Unique Japan website describing a sword exactly similar to his: https://new.uniquejapan.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/ujka363-Gassan-Sadakatsu-Crown-Prince-Akihito-Ayasugi-Katana-Description.pdf







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It's all Greek to me!  (Click on the thumbnails at the bottom left to see the brochure.)



Links to the 1932 correspondence between T. Nagahara and E. Venizelos.




Thanks for sharing the advert Stegel.

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