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Set of The AFU QUARTERLY ( 3 soft cover books ) plus a Small Book by Herman A. Wallinga on Gendaito


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   Upon searching a specific JSSUS for an article,  I came across these 4 books which I will sell as one lot.

1. The AFU QUARTERLY by Harry Afu Watson  First Edition 1995  64 pages.

2. The AFU QUARTERLY by Harry Afu Watson  Summer 1996     ( a continuation of the First Edition page 64 - 128 )

3.  The AFU QUARTERLY by Harry Afu Watson  1997  ( a continuation of books 1 & 2  page 129 - 192 )


4.  Gendaito Made at the Minatogawa Shrine by Herman A. Wallinga   35 pages.

   All four books are in good condition for their age, ... not mint but good.  A wealth of information and photographs.

PRICE :   $ 50.00 US plus shipping.

Contact me :    766watson@gmail.com for a shipping quote.


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Dear Barry,

    Its we old timers that remember these gentlemen.   Both were of the old School and very knowledgeable.  You must have also known Dean Hartley.    Dean spent a couple of hours with me at The Chicago Sword Show on a one on one while we discussed the Kinmichi Line of Mishina Swordsmiths.   I was much younger back then and somewhat surprised that he would take the time 

... Ron    "   We are only the Custodians of things,  but our memories we take with us to the grave. " ... Ron Watson

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I remember many good conversations with Herman.


A wonderful Tanto made by Kotani Yasunori from his collection came into my hands


with the help of a friend from germany at that time, thank God.



 In my memory, Herman was an old shool Gemtleman, with  great knowledge!!!

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