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  For some unknown reason,  my books for sale listing from yesterday the 29th of September NO LONGER is showing up on the " For Sale or Trade " section of the NMB.   I am therefore relisting right NOW !   I have already listed 15 books today.   NOTE:  The Hawley book is as far as I know SOLD.


1.  Japanese Swords Revised   author :   W. M. Hawley  1981 Edition

Binding good,  some creases to spine and a couple of small tears,  but overall,  I would rate it as very good condition.  No dust jacket.  1046 pages listing,  around 30,000 listings of swordsmiths.  Excellent reference book :   PRICE :  $ 200.00 US plus shipping.
  2. Early Japanese Sword Guards   Sukashi Tsuba  author  Masayuki Sasano,  
English Edition.   Dust Jacket intact,  minor soiling to book 284 pages,  bought used   No other damage and a relatively rare book.  Price :   $  135.00 US plus shipping.
  3.  Japanese Spears ( Polearms and their use in old Japan )  authors : Roald &  Patricia Knutsen  Reprinted 2007  Dust Jacket intact,  minor signs of use.
131 pages     PRICE :  $ 130.00 US plus shipping.
  4.   The Japanese Sword  author Kanzan Sato   210 pages  Dust cover intact and protected with heavy plastic wrap.   Lightly soiled,  but overall very good condition    PRICE :  $  65.00 US  plus shipping.
  5.  The Craft of the Japanese Sword  authors :  Leon and Hiroko Kapp,  Yoshindo Yoshihara   167 pages Hard Cover.  Dust Jacket intact and protected with heavy plastic.  Minor soiling.  Very good condition  Printed 1987   PRICE :  $ 20.00 plus shipping.
  6.  Arms and Armour of the SAMURAI  author : I Bottomley & A P Hopson   192 pages   Dust jacket intact and covered in heavy plastic.   Light soiling from use, but otherwise very good condition  Reprinted  1998   Price :  $ 20.00 plus shipping.
  7.  Ukiyo-e to Shin hanza  ( The Art of the Japanese Woodblock Print )  author :  Amy Newland & Chris Uhlenbeck  Dust Jacket intact   Lightly soiled from use.  256 pages hard cover.  Overall condition very good.   PRICE :  $  50.00 US plus shipping.
   8.  A Group of 2 hard cover books and 1 soft cover book ;
The Samurai (  A Military History ) author  S. R. Turnbull  304 pages Dust Jacket intact ... good condition
The Way of the Samurai  soft cover  Authors :  Richard Storry and Werner Forman   128 pages  some soiling from use.  condition quite good.
The Book of the Samurai  Hard cover Dust Jacket intact, but missing small piece in one corner.  192 pages    Overall condition quite good.
PRICE of three book group .... $ 45.00 US plus shipping.
  9.  A Group of 3 books all hardcover.  Dust Jackets intact  author of all three books  :  Stephen Turnbull
Samurai Warlords ( The Book of the Daimyo )  174 pages  Printed 1989
Battles of the Samurai   Dust Jacket intact 125 pages  Printed 1987
Samurai Warriors   Dust Jacket intact  160 pages  Printed  1987
All books are used,  but in very good condition   PRICE  of three book group :  
$  40.00 US plus shipping.
10.  Japanese Swords ( a collectors guide ) English Version  author :  Nobuo Nakahara  Hard Copy  Dust Jacket intact and covered in heavy plastic.   191 pages  Printed  2010   Condition very good.   PRICE :   $  30.00 plus shipping.
My contact information for those interested is :  766watson@gmail.com   Please give me a Zip Code or Postal Code so that I may calculate shipping.  If in Europe,  a City and Country.   Thanks, ... Ron Watson
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