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Samurai Museum of Lynchburg, VA

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I was going to wait until everything was formalized, but I thought I would drop the news here anyway. My wife and I are in the initial phases of opening up the Samurai Museum of Lynchburg, VA. The exhibits will feature arms, armor, and other items from the kamakura through the meiji periods. 


The targeted space is 1800 sqft. If the venture is successful, we will look to expand. I hope you can all stop by at some point!


On a side note, I have been watching the sale section closely for lower priced items to round out certain eras and themes. If you have any suggestions please PM me.


Finally, I always appreciate and welcome your thoughts, comments and concerns.



Dr. James B. McNicholas III

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   I am quite delighted that the Museum will exhibit around 25 items from my personal collection.   I look forward to seeing the Video when it becomes available.  Congratulations Dr. McNicholas and I'm quite sure the Samurai Museum in Lynchburg will please and educate many visitors on the Arts of Japan & The Samurai !

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