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Two nice iron tsuba (Umetada and "Nobuie")


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I have two charming iron tsuba that are ready for their next home. Asking $600 each or $1000 for the pair. Free insured shipping in the USA and insured international shipping at cost. And of course a donation to NMB if they sell here! Please feel free to contact me with questions.


The first is mumei and has NBTHK Hozon attributing it to the Umetada school. It's about 6.5cm in diameter. Includes the kanteisho and a nice modern kiri box.



The second is a true katana tsuba signed Nobuie, but is most likely later Myochin work. Includes the fabric pouch.



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On the description on eBay you say it’s gourds but here you say grape. I don’t have a strong eye for the different types of plants so can you please clarify. Thank you! Beautiful tsuba. 

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1 hour ago, Surfson said:

Are you sure the papers say Umetada?  If so, the first kanji is atypical.

I admit the handwriting is a bit funky, but I do see 埋忠 (as did the Japanese dealer who originally sold it to me). 

We’re all fallible though!

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19 minutes ago, Jussi Ekholm said:

I think it is indeed Umetada but using these kanji - 梅忠


See few references here: (unfortunately couldn't find NBTHK paper for mumei using this kanji fast)



Interesting, thanks Jussi! Maybe  it’s a later generation thing? Never a dull moment in this hobby. :-P

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This is a good explanation. 




The text on the Tokka site explains this as well, so Markus's explanation (and David's comment) also serve as a good translation of what is on the Tokka site. Not a word-for-word translation, but the explanations are the same. 




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