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Mei help


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HI guys trying to translate this sword for a mate and struggling, any assistance is much appreciated  i believe the smith is Sada Nori

although i carn't find anyone signing this way in my books or online. The other side is in Grass script and i have no clue again many

thanks in advance

Chris H







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Bunka 6 (1809), tsuchinoto-mi, August 9th. In Edo, Asakusa.

(Name of person who performed cutting test)

Performed the "kesa" cut (diagonally up from the side)


You'll have to wait for the big guns to come to provide clarity on the middle bit (in red) and to decipher the grass script. I presume the grass script will be a waka poem (regarding the moon, but anything beyond that is unreadable for me).  





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#2 pic:
The title of the Waka poem:
水月(Suigetsu) The moon reflected on the surface of the wate.

#1 pic:
The Waka poem:

(free translation in English):
Japanese pampas grass and the moon reflected on the surface of the water,that feels so nice and cool.



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