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Katana Translation

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I recently picked up this Katana from and estate along with a Japanese Officers Dress Saber and the capture papers from WWII. Can anyone help with identification on the tang? Artist signature is only on one side. The Katana was advertised as a 23rd generation Kanefusa. Here are some pics. It would also be great to know the value for insurance and fair market value if Idecide to sell at a later date. Much appreciated with any help.












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On 9/18/2021 at 2:19 PM, SouthHorizon said:

Much appreciated with any help.


The flowered pattern on the tsuba and fittings show that this was made for someone serving in the Gunzoku, the civil side of the Army.  You can google the term and get full descriptions of that branch of service.  There is a good thread on NMB about these, but I've tried 10 times to find it without any luck.  My search skills are legendary in their ineptitude.  Ohmura's site has a depiction of it too, but I can't find that either.


On another note, the Showa stamp at the top tells us that the blade was a good quality showato (non-traditionally made), and most likely made in 1940-1941, although the stamp is found on a rare few blades from the full range of 1935-1945.  I assume there is no date on the other side?


Here is a screenshot from the Ohmua site:

Screenshot 2020-11-26 072914.jpg

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On 9/18/2021 at 4:59 PM, Grey Doffin said:

Hi Jon,

I can't see every character clearly but if the smith was true to his form it says, Noshu Seki no Ju Ni JU San Dai Fujiwara Kanefusa Kore wo Saku.


As Grey mentioned, it should read

濃 = No

州 = Shu (Noshu is a province)

関 = Seki (Town)
住 = Ju (living in)
二 = Ni (2)

十 = Ju (10) (10 times the 2 above makes 20)

三 = San (3) (20 above plus the 3 = 23)

代 = Dai (Generation)

藤 = Fuji (Fujiwara is a sirname or title)

原 = Wara

兼 = Kane (Kanefusa is the smiths name)

房 = Fusa

作 = Saku (Make)

之 = Kore (This)


https://yakiba.com/kanefusa-23rd-generation/ <-- a very nice example for comparison.

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