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WWII silk Flag translation help


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there are also beautiful moments from time to time


recently I asked an "old companion" about this beautiful flag.


Got his answer immediately,as usual....


to my surprise he wrote me, that he would like give this to me as a gift, a gift of friendship after many years!





thank you so much!




Perhaps some one can help me to translate some of the meaning of the flag...!



Thanks in advance!




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Would like to see a more close-up photo of the right side to get the second kanji of the recipient's name.

It looks something like 


Masao-kun ha kōa senshi


Masao has become a warrior for East Asia


Across the top, from right to left, is the near ubiquitous 祈武運長久 (Inoru/Ki Buun chōkyū). Pray for everlasting luck in battle.

Around the red disc in very large letters you can see a phrase that was popular during the war, 八一宇 (Hakkō Ichiu) Eight points, one universe. This phrase was recently the subject of a thread here. The meaning is something like "all nations living peacefully under one imperial roof". Only, in this flag the second kanji, 紘 is wrong, and the writer has mistakenly used 弘 instead. Also, the 大 (dai) at the far left is kind of unusual. Judging from its size and its placement it looks like the writer meant it to be a part of the "hakkō ichiu" phrase, but it doesn't belong there. Kind of weird. 


There are other patriotic phrases spread around the flag, as well as names of colleagues and friends of the recipient. 


Edit: The 大 at the far left could plausibly the name of the person who wrote 八紘一宇. It could be the name "Masaru" (or other possible readings for names). But that feels like a stretch to me. 

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