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Takeshita Hirokuni


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Just in Star stamp Hirokuni. In Rin Tin Tin mounts 😜

竹下宏國作之 - Takeshita Hirokuni saku kore (kore [w]o saku).

Also reported to sign Takeshita Yasukuni.

Enjoying new sword, no good photos of mei yet. Catching major flack on Chris Bowen's page saying over cleaned. Soon to come




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Mr Bowen has done a considerable amount of work for the research of Gendaito over the years, there is no need to call him petty names. This is a really great sword, why there is so much discussion on the condition of the Nakago as opposed to the blade is baffling.

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It is what it is.

40+ post on it slept hour or so 60+ post, didn't care to read anymore troll's wanting to impress somebody Chris? I don't know so i deleted it. Its a fine sword indeed. Now if i could get it to grow a inch.

Ol mates down under Bazza? Or King Trotter ?

Schooled me on shorter blades so im learning my lesson. Or trying too.

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Ok RS owners.

Spending a better part of a hour whittling a chopstick to make a peg. Test try i go that dont feel right. Peering in the hole with a flashlight i see built-in brass nuts. Nuts is right how come i never picked up on that is beyond me.


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G'day Stephen,

I have a mumei shinshinto katana with what looks like similar hada and hamon. I have always thought I would love to find a gunto with a beautiful blade like that and guess what, you have beaten me to it! Look forward to some more photos of the blade.



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