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Upcoming estate auction

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I also saw 286 and thought the same thing! Glad my eyes are catching sugata others too thought were worth catching. 

I tossed some modest bids on a couple hoping the smaller auction house would fly under the radar (I’m from IA and was hoping I could sneak a win). I did lots of research and narrowed down my selection and placed my bids….But then I also learned they’d partnered with both LiveAuctioneer and Invaluable…. And I’d already been outbid before I’d even placed my own bids directly on the site 🤦‍♂️🙄

Did anyone else have a suspicious eyebrow raise on this one? Something about the tsuba, mei and kanji spacing, and horimono have me nervous for a potential buyer: https://jacksonsauction.com/catalogs/2021/SEP/detail/default.aspx?ID=286

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Yes, for sure its Tsuguhiro. And the tsuba is 長州住 正定 (Chōshū-jū Masasada), but the catalogue mistakenly speculates that it says Bushū-jū Masa-something).


These feel like amateur mistakes that shouldn't be happening at an auction house "with a reputation based on honesty, expertise, reliability, scholarship". 

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I initially thought 307 might be interesting simply due to the more unique style of blade but rest of that individual package is nothing to speak of.  Taking a chance would only be at a very low bid and appears to now be at $500.  Also noticed that the tip of kissaki is broken off(?) and the shape/sugata seems ‘off’???  So hard to tell from those pics and probably not worth the gamble.  

The lack of more detailed photos leads me in a certain direction.  If they were interested in selling, they would provide more and better info/pics… unless they REALLY want these gone and don’t want ‘details’ muddying up the sale;-)

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On 9/12/2021 at 8:53 PM, Bruce Pennington said:

And that Masashige is one of those dang RS with an NCO tassel. 

Noticed that too. But depending on how the bidding goes, not a bad deal for a late-war saya and star stamped gendaito and the buyer could recoup some of the money by selling the tassel.


Got overly excited by 300, but then I studied a bunch of oshigata side by side with the mei, and I think it’s gimei.


Regarding the auction house’s goofs, they do have over 600 lots and just 30ish swords in not wonderful shape, so priorities probably went elsewhere.

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