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One for the Record Books - Fat Seppa sustitute for Tsuba

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2 hours ago, drb 1643 said:

“customized” the tsuba

Tom, I see what you mean.  If you take a pierced tsuba and cut at 4 places, you get the center piece that we are seeing.  The question is late-war or post war?  I can see a couple of the places that were cut and they seem to me to have the same patina as the rest of the piece.  There's no doubt in my mind, though, that it was the original tsuba. 

pierced tsuba cut.jpg

Screenshot 2021-09-09 213444.jpg

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Saw one of these years ago (when Stephen was still a naughty little boy), can't really be certain, but at the time "we" thought it was just a battlefield damaged tsuba that had its damaged rim taken off and just carried on being used "as-is".

I agree with Tom and Stephen, just a "customised" rim....probably as a field repair that was never replaced later on with a "new" tsuba by its owner.

Interesting....I'd keep it as is...



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I also had an identical Shin-Gunto mounted  sword like this   , sold the sword , got it back 10yrs later , but with a normal Gunto  Tsuba  , still chasing the last owner who says he has the original tsuba somewhere  ?  I am still hoping to get it back .  

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