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Auction for Type 95 NCO

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Ok, so I am really new on sword collecting, and I just starting to collect a set of WW2 era shin guntos (of the different variations). There is a upcoming auction for a Type 95 NCO sword:




I would like a better opinion on its authenticity. Lastly, would someone be willing to point me towards a better idea of today's going rate on different shin guntos?


Thank you for the help.

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Hi Jake,

Watch out for fake NCO's swords - they are the most faked of any type of Gunto. Most of the fakes seem to come from China. The first version Type 95 NCO swords are the most commonly faked (the ones with the brass tsuba). This sword appears legit to me. It's the 1st variation of the 2nd version Type 95 characterized by a plain iron tsuba and top-latch release mechanism (note: the 2nd variation, less common, of the 2nd version features a side-latch release mechanism). The 3rd version of the Type 95 is nicknamed the "Pineapple sword" due to it's having a wood tsuka with cross-hatch pattern cut into it, and there are even later variations of it featuring a different style of wood handle. Anyway, these Type 95 NCO swords are usually sold in the $800 - $1200.00 USD range. I have seen some sell for as high as $1600.00. And then there's the very rare copper-handled NCO swords - those sell for thousands of dollars. They were the very first of the Type 95's and less than 7,000 were produced, if I remember correctly. You can find decent Type 98's and Rinji Sieshiki's for around $900 - $1200.00 if made by a Seki smith or a low-ranked swordsmith. The Type 98's made by RJT smiths go for more, sometimes a lot more - often $2000 - $3000.00+. Then, there's the swords that come with ancestral (family) blades and they can be quite pricey, as well. Also, the Type 97 Kai Guntos (Navy swords) can be expensive, though you may still be able to acquire a sword with an arsenal blade (such as Toyokawa) for under $1200.00. I have only skimmed the surface here and I am giving estimates based on what I have seen and experienced with buying swords over this past year. I am new to the hobby, as well. I'll learned a lot about the hobby and about Gunto collecting since the start of the year. Good luck and happy collecting!

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