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First pattern extremely rare Kyu Gunto

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Hi Guys


can someone give me more informatiom about this extremely rare Kyu Gunto Koshirae??


I only saw two of them..! in 32 years, Richard Fuller informed me, this is the first pattern Kyu Gunto, manufactured  according European Models.



My one is fitted with a beautiful TBH "Omi no kami fujiwara Tsuguhira shodai" Katana,with Ubu-ha, healthy well  preserved old family treasure


No metal seppa, leather made ones....



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thank you Bruce!


really a piece to collect


Owning an almost 400 year old blade with Ubu-Ha is something special, with this Koshirae..!



I'm very proud and hope that it will get someday into good hands again!

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Unfortunately I have not been able to find out much about this Koshirae..


What a pity!


maybe some guys here on the board know something about it?


I my self saw one of these Koshirae with a "Juyo" fukuoka Ichmonji balde ,here in  Europe

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I checked my Dawson book, and I see why Hamish called it a transition between the Type 9 and 19.  The plain backstrap is of the Type 8 Company grade kyu, but it had a solid handguard.  The open floral design came in the 1886 revision which also added the sakura to the backstrap.  I've attached pics from Dawson, including his description of the black German styled knot authorized in 1912.




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Yes, definitely a beautiful sword Volker. I also find these swords quite interesting as their lack of decoration on the back strap as well as a removable sakura blossum menuki/mekugi. The back strap and D guard in the photo below is quite plain without decoration yet exhibits a simple elegance... 




Dave M.



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