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Is this a Kusarigama Fundo (weight) or Something Else?


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Hi all,


Not sure if I'm posting this on the correct board, but was hoping for a little help in ID'ing this tiny Japanese(?) bronze-lead(?)-filled object. It appears to be a Fundo (weight) for a Kusarigama, but I'm probably wrong? The piece appears too "decorative" for such an object. Any thoughts on what this piece may be and/or what it was used for/as? 


Size approx: 2 x 1-3/4 inches and very HEAVY (12 oz) for its size. Can you all please help?


Thank you and kind regards,














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I do not think that the item can be related to a KUSARIGAMA. As you write correctly, it seems to be too decorated for this purpose. This object might have had a ritual purpose, perhaps on top of a staff, before it was filled with lead.

While it may have been made in Asia, I do not see a relation to Japanese arts.

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Jean Collin,


Thank you so much for your reply and thoughts. I'll look into your suggestion of possibly an object for a staff and see what I can find.


I thought possibly Japanese as my object's "handle" shape reminds me of the ends (my apologies for not knowing exactly what they're called) on Daikoku's Mallet as seen in the image below...



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@Jean Collin & Piers D,


I think you both are correct. Appears to be some form of antique weight, possibly Chinese or Tibetan? The base reminds me of an antique Chinese coin with the top part of the weight near the handle having what appears to be an engraved moon(?) and stars(?)... 



After MANY hours of searching, I'm afraid I still have not been able to locate a comp :(


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