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Quick appraisal needed on a deal going down, opinions please

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Thanks guys it is 200 for the Japanese one only but i think this is OK?


What sort of handle is on it? and is the tsuba a known type?

Regards and thanks for reaching out 


PS as per usual I will be making a contribution to forum in thanks for you helping me, I am not a contributor of knowledge but I find it fantastic having a group to ask questions too.

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Hi Ken, 


I presume you mean 200 euro for the one sword (only) in foreground with 'unusual handle'?


If that is the case, IMO the only thing may have potential is the blade itself but logically why would anyone put a good/old/valuable blade in those mounts. 200 Euro would be a bit of a gamble.   Dont know what is going on with those mounts 😟 ...Ive never seen anything like it and I really dont like em (at all!), but others are more experienced there.  


On the other hand, if its 200 for all thee swords and you can afford to lose it, then just go for it and sort it all out later (to be sure).


Good luck.






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looks like i might close the deal at 175 euro so I will probabaly go for it.


The Habaki looks nice as does the activity on the blade, but there is some rust also 


Tsuka and Tsuba look very unusual to me what sort of varaition do you think this might be ?

Any more opinions welcome 



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Hi guys,


300 km drive and 4 hours travel last night


Well it came home with me,  chip at boshi which I am taking as being realy realy bad unfortunately, but I took it anyway and paid the 175.

This  was not a loved item so I could not let it deteoriate further, maybe the chip makes it a junk item but I am happy what I have.


all fitting v tight together very snugly


Happy to find the tang signed but meaningless to me can you help.


 Reverse thread  on the menuki

All the fittings match right down to all parts of the saya


Hamon is very visible right along the blade on both sides, I will oil later in the day once I finish work but no terrible discoloration I think


habaki looks silver and fits perfect

blade is 65 cm long, 25.5 inches  and another 17 cm for tang


tsuka decorations are growing on me and it is not as garish as I first taught


tsuba is lovely with dragon decoration, dirty though. 




So what do you think, and hats off to all proper photographers by the way

more pics underneath,


regards. Ken








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That tsuka is gorgeous! Wow...wow.
And that tsuba is superb. You lucked out bigtime. Chip is bad, but I think not fatal. Enough boshi there I suspect. I think that is some high end koshirae there.
Since you paid so little, it would make financial sense to spend some money restoring this. Where have I seen a similar tsuba before?

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