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Goto Shunjo Kogai

Steve Waszak

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Goto Shunjo (1740-1822) was the grandfather of the great Goto Ichijo.  The lineage here begins with Goto Kenjo (1586-1663), the seventh mainline Shirobei master.  This kogai is excellent in both its execution and condition, featuring fine, even nanako as a background for the long-earred rabbit motif.  The eyes of the rabbit are inlaid in gold.  There is very little wear evident.  The overall presentation of this kogai is very pleasing, with the smooth contours of the form of the rabbit juxtaposed against the crisp, clear nanako work.   The kogai is signed on the reverse, Goto Shunjo.  Measurements are 21.1cm x 1.2cm.  Circa late-18th century.  Boxed.  A very fine shakudo kogai.  $850.00, plus shipping.


CORRECTION!  A fellow member with much more knowledge than I on the Goto lineage of fittings makers has corrected me with regards to the identity of the Goto smith who made this kogai.  It seems there were two Goto Shunjo smiths, one who was also known as Mitsunaga (1634-1712).  This is the actual maker of this kogai.  He dates to roughly a century earlier than the later Goto Shunjo (Mitsukazu) who was Goto Ichijo's grandfather.  So, the proper dating of this kogai is actually likely to be the latter part of the 17th century.  Below please find an image of the chart detailing the lineage.  Sorry for the error!  And many thanks to the member who PM'd me with the correction!





Goto Shunjo 2.jpg

Goto Shunjo 3.jpg

Goto Shunjo 5.jpg

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Congratulations John. having just "tuned in" for the day I missed this most marvelous offering by Steve.  Earlier I might have been the one who "got to it first" as Curran put it.  However, its not all downside as I have other Nihonto bills to pay for equally enjoyable items...



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