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WTB sword pillow "Okatana Makura" and inspection cloth "fukusa"

Michael Kwok

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I'd like to buy a couple of sword pillow "Okatana Makura" and an inspection cloth "fukusa" locally if possible in the us.  One kind member here (Thank you), suggested a site in Japan and to ping this forum to see if there were alternatives. 


Many thanks in advance.

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I just ordered some more pillows from Bob Benson's site: https://www.bushidojapaneseswords.com/store/p64/Pillow_for_sword.html

It says sold out in the description, but I think they may still have some in stock, mine arrived pretty quickly. Probably also has the fukusa you are looking for. I use plain kleenex tissues to wipe the old stuff off followed by using a microdear/pro optic microfiber cloth which I think are still on Amazon.

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