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Testing some new paid themes, which control the overall look of the forum.
Eventually there will be a few to pick from so that everyone can enjoy what they want the forum to look like. Some want a light theme, some dar.
Some themes will be Gold Membership only.
But for now, I have enabled 2 new ones. One is light, and one is dark, and I think both are superb. May need some tweaking.
They are only visible if you log in, not to guests.
So go to the very bottom of the forum main page and where you see the THEME dropdown menu, try CHAMELEON or DIMENSION DARK.
I think you guys will like them. Thre is also some extra new settings that you will see near the top, to change background pics and some other settings like position of the sidebar etc. I'll be adding new pics to choose from too.
Anyways, hopefully the feedback is positive.


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Hi Brian, 

I like the new themes. I'm currently using Chameleon Dark. It looks great on my tablet but is it possibly to increase the font size a little bit? Normally I use the 'All the things dark' theme, much easier to read. I'm getting old. 

All the best,  Ed 

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Haven't checked if you can do it on tablet, but most of the new themes have a customization feature near where your profile is. You can select different backgrounds (I'll be adding more) and make some changes to post text etc. See if that is available on tablet too? I can play with text sizes too, and will see if I can increase that a bit.
People should play around with the themes, they have some nice features. And there are more I will be enabling soon.

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There are others I haven't activated yet. Also remember some you can change the background. Just check the buttons near your profile. I can and will add more backgrounds

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"Darken the light" isn't as simple as it seems. There are literally dozens of colour settings. Each separate thing you see on this page is a separate setting, and they aren't intuitive. Changing one in one place, may change something else in pm's or elswhere, where it isn't an improvement.
And then I have to check each one, for each theme individually.
It's a slow process. I'll look at better backgrounds that work, when I have time. Hopefully people have found the setting to change the background image or color.

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4 hours ago, Bruce Pennington said:


I just noticed in the Dimension Dark theme, there are no post numbers.  Could we get them back?

Nope. That was a paid addon, that is not supported anymore and the developers regard it as outdated.
Click the 3 dots....copy the link to that post.
Stephen, not sure what darts with a blue background is?

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I have added 3 new themes.
Ironsight is new, available to everyone and I quite like it. Can select various backgrounds too.
Then there are 2 new ones that are only available to Gold members. One is called Snapshot, and is one of my favorites. Feel free to test them out and see if you like them. I'll add new backgrounds to select from soon.

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