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Kantei for this Wakizashi O'mine


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Please take this lightly and have fun with the Kantei.  Maybe new people can try their skills. From what I've seen and gathered from multiple sources and other collectors(caretakers), I have a rough idea of the age/ local of this sword.  I'll try to post decent pics but remember just have fun please... good luck!


Here's a couple bits of info:


Length is roughly 21"









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44 minutes ago, Ronin 47 said:

My guess would be late Muromachi Mino. Possibly Den Kanemoto or something along those lines.

Thanks for participating!


As Muromachi and Kanemoto became later,  the jihada/hamon became more uniform with the 3 ridge middle peak. Also,  was the Kanemoto line of smiths known for grain pattern on the Shinogi? Or above? below? Is the boshi pattern reminiscent of the Kanemoto smiths? Im just pointing out things for new people to look at and the slight variations involved


I think the "Mino" den is fairly obvious but there's more to it and Mino has a very interesting beginning and end to their story with different dens involved. Im not saying this blade is or isn't Mino but I would like for people to show how they arrived to their final choice if possible please. 

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I see what I believe to be Sanbonsugi, so my gut instinct was Kanemoto school, as the blade appears to be Koto. There does look like their might be some masame in the Shinogi-ji, which further makes me think its something in Mino, possible Kanemoto school. The ji also appears to have some mokume hada with traces of masame, so that also makes me think Mino.


The boshi is a bit indistinct for me to say definitely one way or another, but nobody said doing this with just photos was going to be easy ;) Even though the blade is Osuriage, it does look like there is a tendency to Saki-zori, which makes me think its a mid to late Muromachi work.


Anyways, that is some of the logic behind my groggy afterwork guess. I patiently await the results to see how far off the mark I was :)

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I'm really going out on a limb here.

The Hada is nice and clear and has a good portion of Soshu in it for me. In the area of the cutting edge in Nagare or Masame.

The nioiguchi seems to be fine, loose, but dense nie, interspersed with fine sunagashi and sharp kinsuji. The hardening appears very controlled. The gonome seems rather restrained and elegant. Some peaks seem pointed, but I'm not sure if it's really togari. The boshi appears yakitsume with some hataraki.

The shape is hard to determine from the pictures. The kissaki is a shu-kissaki, somewhat elongated. The tapering of the blade is difficult to judge. But considering the shortening and loss of material in the monouchi, it could also fit in time.

So pants down. The blade reminds me of Kinju. Ur-Mino. Maybe still Kaneyuki, but actually prefer Kinju. Anyway, I would be happy if it is one.


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Very typically Mino. You have distinctive and sharp gunome elements, which evokes the Kanemoto School although without the three-peak pattern. The masame in the ha with sunagashi and intertwined nie comes from Yamato and harkens back to Kaneuji settling in Mino. I would situate it between Koto Naoe Shizu and Muromachi Kanemoto, as it fits well in between as a transitional piece. Early-to-mid Muromachi Mino. 

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Hello Guys, :)

L.A. ANGEL'S Shohei Ohtani is Pitching today in Detroit  , 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time.


So, I got time for Nihonto this morning. . :laughing:

I know I am not up to the level of the other members posting here, but, I am interested in Dwain's blade and the Kantei.


Not to Highjack this Post, but, that " Sanbonsugi" that  Austin mentioned , and Dwain's Blade photos  caught my attention.

Just before I was fussing around my Shimada Blade, I was looking at my "Kanesada"  Wakizashi.

I  too, can up with that "Shubonsugi" , and, it looks similar to Dwain's Hamon.

Also, I too, can up with Mino , but,  Aizu Kanesada , Oshu District?

I think I bought my blade as a Koto Bade. 

Polish was rough and looked like rust started to show over the surfaces. and, Kanesada mei might be a gimie.

I did not post , as, I wanted to Ask Bob Benson about the Blade first.


Alton < Enthusiast Level  < Japanese call this " Gasa Gasa  " ? :o



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Honestly the boshi reminds me of my mino katateuchi, as does the jigane. This one has Sanbonsugi  (which I like better) to that one’s gunome midare though, guess that shows the difference in smithing line.


This one seems to have a wide Mihaba and thick kassane. Would I be right in assuming your sword was a katateuchi? Kanemoto or someone in his style?

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