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NBTHK Hozon Katana Reduced to $4k Mega Deal


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Hello All,


I am selling a late Edo Katana signed Efu jyu Minamoto Nobushige (Front Signature) 

Bunkyu 4 koushi nen 2 gatsu nichi (Back)

NBKTHK Hozon and Tokubetsu Kicho certification


Blade is highly polished however there are a few surface scratches from cleaning

Yuiyo Habaki is solid silver


Shirasaya Full Length is 109cm

Blade Full Length 97.5 cm

Temper 74.3cm

Sori 1.1cm

Width 3.4cm

Thick .8cm


This is a very long wide and thick blade giving it a dynamic and powerful appearance/  $4k firm plus shipping. Please PM if interested. Please see pics in next few posts. Sorry for the quality of the pics its a little more challenging to photograph then I expected.

Best viewed on a PC not a phone in order to enlarge pics 


Blade is not stored on the stand but in a sword bag lying flat. Just placed to photograph 






Steven in Maryland









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Hello all…  last call, going to keep active through tomorrow and move to Ebay on Thursday unfortunately at a higher price point. 

Current offer is $3850 shipped within the US.

 If you are interested please PM


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  1. Price reduced to $3700 plus shipping $65.00 within US. Please PM if interested. Taking a bath on this one but I need to free up some funds. This is a reduction of $2400 discount for a papered Katana in polish from my purchase price. Would like this to sell on this board to support the website/community. Must ship to a US address for international inquires if you can find a contact within the US I could accommodate you by shipping there
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Don't you think you are being excessive with your bumps? Unless you have new photos/other important information or the thread has gone from the first page it is rude to all the other people with listings to be constantly pushing yours to the top. Please show some restraint and consideration for the section, you are not the only person trying to sell here.

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On 8/26/2021 at 4:45 PM, autodex said:

Reduced to 3200 shipped contiguous US... needs to raise funds for family issue

Do you know about when the blade was made, I know Edo but was wondering if you knew when the blade maker lived.


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