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Elaborate Edo period koshirae / Hozon

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So just did a little browsing on aoi and saw this elaborate koshirae. I can't say anything on the price but it probably justified though I really don't know enough about this maker or subject. Personally don't like the tsuba too much but the rest seems well done.





Masaaki (Kao), signature Yuzen Saku


I know juyo is always a gamble and I don't know the ins and outs but I'm interested to hear viewpoints. I would lean towards this having a chance at passing? Is that one of the reasons for the starting price? Mainly confirmation of signatures?



Anyway wondered who else saw it. Have a good evening.


Edit: afterthought, don't you wonder how this tsuka feels in hand?



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I too have reservations about the practicality of the snake wrapped around the tsuka. I suspect that it is a later embellishment (alongside the snake and sparrow on the saya) made to make the sword standout and appeal to Europeans in Japan during the Meiji era.

As for the tsuba, whilst the design isn’t particularly inspiring, I actually find it quite interesting as it seems to be formed from two separate plates. The omote looks to be shakudo, whilst the ura seems to be silver, or shibuichi. I once saw something similar on a Goto Ichijo tsuba (with shakudo and copper) and always wondered how it was achieved.

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Hummmm, additional study may be warranted.  The quality of the metal work in the bird and snake is extremely high - not the kind usually done for tourists....  As for the wrap around handle, some very old examples of this type exist.


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It is a good thing that we humans have different taste.

The TSUBA is certainly well made, but the tiger is a bit too SHIR KHAN-esque for me. The whole KOSHIRAE stands out and is certainly made by good artisans, while the measurements

Kasane : about 6.90 cm or 27.16 inches

are a bit doubtful.

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