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There seems quite a few items for sale where there is no price

I know this can be quite difficult at time but rules are rules

I know the mods check this out but they shouldn't need to

Is it possible to have a tick box which the seller has to tick before it can be posted or a post can be deleted if a price is not stated

Going back to rules are rules:

In the post this was quite rigid but over time it is sometimes being ignored and once exceptions are made they they become more common

In a for sale post and I looking at an item for $100 or a $1,000?

In the past if there has been multiple items for sale I would PM the seller and say for example I would like to buy more than one would you reduce the buy for a multiple purchase?



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No, there is no way to have a check box.
If you see something listed without a price, mention the rules say to post one, and use the "report post" feature.
I have deleted recent posts without a price.

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