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Real or fake?

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Adding a couple more of the photos:



Calling @Stegel and @Shamsy!!!


My gut says fantasy piece.  The 95 parts seem legit, but that serial number - 109 - ?????  That would mean this should be a copper handled 95.  The saya throat number is too blurry, but seems to match.  To my eyes, the ito, same' and menugi look new, yet in the poor and dark photo of the full tsuka, it looks damaged (of course that could be faked too).  Will try to lighten/enhance that one and will edit if it helps.


There were plenty 95s rented and bought by officers during the war.  So this one COULD be one of those.  The owner could have had the tuska and other fittings modified befitting his officer status.  Just depends on what Ernie and Steve think of the serial number.  Type-set looks poor for a legit 95 number to me.


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Any chance of spinning this off from post #96 as a new thread?


The saya has that goldish undercoat like the copper-handled 95s used, so that would seem to support the idea that the saya was original.  The screw on the sayajiri appear to have a silver-color like steel or aluminum.  I'm no expert on WWII screws, but I've only seen copper screws on these, which would indicate a post-war add-on.


Still leaning toward post-war fantasy piece with real parts.

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Honestly, I really don't know with this one. I don't have 109 listed in my Pattern 1 database, though I have about 20 swords to add when I have time and energy to update. Stegel may have different records to me.


The stamps look correct, as does the saya. If there was ever a 'real' example of a private purchase sword that was modified to look like an officer sword, I would say this is a good candidate.


Could it also be a project by someone with parts or a fabrication of a 'rare' sword? absolutely.


That's about all I have to say. If someone wants to buy this, then please share it with the forum when you get a hands-on look.

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2 hours ago, BANGBANGSAN said:

I think the scabbard is original to this sword by adding a Type 98 Ishizuke 石突。


Oh, should have commented. It 100% is and it is correct for the serial number range of the Pattern 1. You can clearly see the curved 'shoe' shaped brass plug of the saya in the photo, under the added officers cap.

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Just too add one comment more. I think a Type 95 blade in officer mounts would be infinity more likely to be genuine than an officers blade in 95 mounts. Blades were obviously in shortage, but I've not seen anything to suggest koshirae were ever hard to obtain. I can easily imagine an officer remount a 95 blade they purchased and owned, but absolutely don't believe an NCO would do the same for their issued sword.


Always an exception though.

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