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Type 98 Shin-Gunto with Blade by Sukesada (6th gen?)


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Just got in another Type 98 with what looks to be an older traditionally made blade. This unfortunately is not in nearly as good condition as the one by Masahiro. The fittings are quite worn, though it does have a perforated Tsuba and aluminum scabbard.


The Mei is  横 山 上 野 大 掾 祐 定 作 - YOKOYAMA KODZUKE DAIJO SUKESADA SAKU, which is similar to one listed for 6th Gen Sukesada: https://nihontoclub.com/smiths/SUK893  It is missing the 藤原 FUJIWARA before the name, and has saku at the end.


I did find examples with that MEI online, and most have writing on the other side of the blade. This one does as well, but it looks to be a date, and the first two characters look to be 永正 EISHO. I'm pretty sure I see the character 月.  However that would be way to early of a date for 6th Gen Sukesada. Not sure what is going on with the tang.  The blade has some light pitting, though the Hamon is still visible, and looks to be either Gunome or possibly three cedars.








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