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Type 98 Shin gunto koshirae for sale


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Hi all


I am selling 5 of my shin gunto koshirae to fund other projects.  I think they would be of some interest to the ww2 era collectors and 4 out of the 5 have family mons.

the brief descriptions are as follows but if anyone would like more photos of a particular koshirae then PM me and I will get back to you.


price is £550 each plus S/H1606846763_20210801_1823461461.thumb.jpg.ad75f4fe16587062b272a993dce404b7.jpgGunto.thumb.jpg.022622989c8d7bd78d90afa465004971.jpg



Koshirae A :- 

Early Type 98 with a large thick type pierced tsuba and clasped hands sarute. this koshirae doesn't bear a family mon. Some paint chips and wear evident to the saya. Saya length - 71cm Tsuka length 24cm.


Koshirae B :- Type 98 with a solid plate tsuba (almost all gilding intact). Bearing a family mon of "Maru Ni Kajinoha" (similar to a mulberry leaf) this mon has traces of gold gilding left within it. The saya is an aluminium , lightweight version and some paint loss is evident. Saya length is 73.5cm Tsuka length is 25cm.  


Koshirae C :- Type 98 with a pierced  tsuba . Bearing a family mon of "Maru Ni Chiga Ya" (crossed arrow flights) . This one also has a clasped hands sarute. It does have its original blue/brown tassle but unfortunaly is cut and shows wear and appears to have a couple of seppa missing. The saya shows some paint loss and scratches. Saya length is 76cm Tsuka length is 26cm. 


Koshirae D :- Type 98 with a Pierced tsuba . Bearing a family mon of crossed feathers or "Takaha" . The saya is lighter brown in colour and is in very good condition.. Saya length is 73.5cm Tsuka length is 24cm.  


Koshirae  E :- Type 98 with a solid plate tsuba . Bearing an unidentified kanji type mon. The saya in very good condition and this one also has a clasped hands sarute . Saya length is 75cm Tsuka length is 25.5cm. 



Thanks for looking



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