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Bought my first Koshirae and Kozuka. Humble haul.


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My first foray into a lone koshirae and fittings and went out on a limb purchasing a Wakizashi koshirae (no tsuba and some missing inlays) because honestly I like the look of it and do have a blade that would be a great upgrade for it if all the stars align to have it fit.  A Google search didn't provide anything on Matsuyama Junin TOSHINOBU whom signed the koshirae.


I also ended up getting a Kozuka lot (one will just be a shelf or inside drawer decoration) to work towards completing some Koshirae I already have


I would classify these as "beginner" pieces, and you get what you pay for, but thought I'd share a humble little haul and of course always open to hear thoughts/feedback and if anyone knows the koshirae artist that would be amazing.


*the photos got uploaded in a weird order but koshirae description is in between kozuka images.






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While I knew that the logo of Mitsubishi had a deep historical footprint in Daimyo history as a Kamon. Little did I know that the Mercedes-Benz was once a Daimyo clan. It all comes together now :laughing:


Jokes aside it's looks to me like an honest Edo period koshirae with a consistent and well executed formal theme. 

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Like Brian, I quite like the koshirae. It’s a shame a couple of the kamon are missing, but the menuki look to be quite well made.

I checked the tosogu meikan, and whilst there is a Toshinobu (利信), the kao is different, and the Kikuoka school was based in Edo, whereas the maker of your fittings was a resident of Matsuyama (in Ehime prefecture, Shikoku). 


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First off gentleman thank you for your help identifying the maker!  Great to have his identity confirmed, again thank you SteveM and Kyushu.  I'll try and find other works by him if possible just to see what he was up to.


Valric, yeah during the mid 1800's Mercedes had a go at the luxury Carshirae market =|;^)


Alex, yeah the blade Im hoping it will fit has a tsuba that would clash with the more modern sleek design of that koshirae.  Already started looking up copper tsubas.


Thanks Brian.

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On 8/1/2021 at 6:16 PM, waljamada said:

....during the mid 1800's Mercedes had a go at the luxury Carshirae market =|;^)....


the first Benz car had been presented and driven in 1886. MERCEDES exists since 1926.

Our past is not really very long ago!

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GRC, thanks for that, that's all I could have hoped for.


Roku, so decent pun and almost historically possible.  I'll take it!


Infinite, thank you!  It didn't fit the blade I hoped but found a perfect spot for it as decour.

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I was watching that auction and planned to bid, but decided against it at the last minute (Bid on something else I wanted more. lol). Glad to see it went to a good home.

To me, it is a good looking set-up. Enjoy!

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